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1999 year
In 1999,we produced the first round knife cutting machine.

2005 year
In 2005, we were the founder of the first-generation of permanent-magnet speed adjustable energy-saving motor for industrial sewing machine.

2008 year
In 2008,we developed the first-generation brushless motor.

2009 year
In 2009, the annual output of 300,000 sets of permanent-magnet energy-saving motors was included in the fourth batch of resource-saving and environmental protection projects.

2010 year
In 2010, the intelligent direct drive brushless energy-saving motor obtained the key product quality catch-up project in Zhejiang Province and was included in the  technical research project to deal with the world trade barriers by the Provincial Economic and Information Commission.

2011 year
In 2011, we were the forerunners of the first generation of direct drive servo motor.

2015 year
In 2015, the first servo cutting machine was born.

2017 year
In 2017,the first servo cutting machine with battery was born.

2018 year
In 2018,full function Roller electronic control system was created.

2019 year
In 2019,we create high power and torque speed-adjustable thick material cutting machine.